This engrossing graphic memoir is a powerful and harrowing account of historic and more recent activism in South Korea with echoes of contemporary protests and democratic struggles around the world.

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Expected publication date: April 21, 2020

Hyun Sook’s family has made great sacrifices so she could attend university, but everyone is worried for her safety due to the recent anti-government protests by students. Despite her attempts to stay out of trouble, Hyun Sook finds herself in the middle of the conflict with a new group of friends and her eyes are forced open as she learns more about what is at stake and what she is willing to risk for personal and intellectual freedom.

This book is a digestible and engrossing way to learn about meaningful historical events. The illustrations do a distinguished job of extending the story beyond text and dialogue. Banned Book Club is a work of graphic history that will be appreciated by YA and adult audiences alike, appealing to anime fans and readers of Persepolis, Maus and American Born Chinese.

Goodreads rating: 4 stars