Expected Publication Date: April 1, 2020

When I traveled to Philadelphia for ALA Midwinter in January, I came across an advanced copy of this gorgeously illustrated book and I knew I just had to bring it home. I live with a 6-year old bird-watching enthusiast and this book delighted us both as it taught us what all birds have in common and which features make each bird unique.

However, as Opie describes common and unique features of the beautifully illustrated birds throughout the book, one bird doesn’t quite fit neatly into each category. Little Kiwi keeps saying, “But what about me?” Finally, Kiwi gets to star in their own page, and we see how very special they are, even though they aren’t like many other birds.

The illustrations are both accurate and artistic and the interaction between the author’s factual text and Kiwi’s dialogue is adorable. At the end of the book, diagrams help readers identify a wide variety of bird species and eggs.

All the Birds in the World is a book with high appeal to K-3 readers who love to read non-fiction or enjoy colorful, whimsical illustrations. This is an especially fun book to read side by side and to notice new details each time you re-read the book. It is also a nice approach to body image and self-confidence.

Goodreads rating: 5 stars